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i quit

Posted by qwertypoppy - May 5th, 2021

Yeah i realised that I can't draw so yeah i'm not gonna draw anymore. gonna do something else with this account.


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Art is a skill that takes time, effort, and patience to get better at. Don't get discouraged if improvement doesn't come fast. We all start somewhere, and even if it may not be good now, you'll be happy once you start seeing improvement and all those hours you put into creating a piece will be worth it! Don't give up.

Art is not for everyone, but *anyone* can learn it and get better at it. Just take your time! ;o;

You can Draw if you put effort into it. If you don't feel like drawing one day, maybe do something else. But you could be having what people call an "Art Block". Art Blocks are when people have a hard time thinking of what to draw and it's sort of a Pause. I understand how it feels. And I think I have an Idea on if you want help getting Inspired.

Find your favorite song and play it while drawing. Maybe look at your favorite Artist and try to use them as a slight reference, but draw it in your own Style. Sometimes it just takes a bit of Effort and an Idea.

Then again, Art isn't for everyone, like what they said. I just feel like you shouldn't give up early if you were passionate about this.

Thanks for the advice, but i'm not really feeling it with art, I like to dip my toes into something new like art and see if I like it, but not feeling it with art.

Ohhh I get it. Well if I was to give an Idea on something new. I don't know anything about you but Exploring Music is something fun I always do. But I hope you can find something fun. It's nice you tried it out


no one is good in a day, your skill shouldnt emphasise what you do, if you enjoy making artwork then make it, no matter what anyone thinks. have fun on what you do next bub